Beware of the New Drug Roflcoptr

substance use and abuse“Roflcoptr” is the latest drug circulating amongst UK clubbers. The substance use and abuse of this strangely named, Ketamine-like drug is increasing, even though its effects aren’t widely known. Because of that, health practitioners are warning against the long-term dangers that Roflcoptr could actually cause.

A report in Mixmag says that users of the drug, which comes in white powder form, can purchase it legally online as a research chemical; it cannot be sold explicitly for human consumption. The article quotes Dr. Valerie Curran, a psycho-pharmacologist at University College London, who says: “People are playing Russian roulette when they take something like this, because there’s been no research on its effects.”

What is Roflcoptr?

Roflcoptr is an acronym for “Rolling on the floor, laughing,crapping our pants, totally ruined.” Yes, you read that right. Although it sounds like a joke, unfortunately the drug actually exists and is not a hoax. Roflcoptris a rave drug that is also known as “MKet” and, similar to other so-called club drugs, is often connected to electronica or dance music.

Roflcoptr: What is it MadeFrom?

The main chemical used in Roflcoptr is called methoxetamine (MXE), hence the drug’salter name,“MKet.”Methoxetamine typically comes in the form of a white powder that is usually snorted. This chemical is associated with anesthetic uses,which explains the mental state the user experiences. Since the chemical composition of this drug is currently not illegal in Europe, Roflocptris readily available in clubs and can even be purchased online.

The Effects of Roflcoptr

substance use abuseSince Roflcoptr is a fairly new drug, its long-term effects are not widely known, but the substance use and abuse of its primary ingredient methoxetamine can lead to ill health and the risk of acute poisoning. Most doctors will tell you that by using this drug, you are taking a gamble on your life because the uncertainty surrounding its eventual effects makes iteven more dangerous.

The short-term effects of this club drug, however, are similar to those of a number of already popular drugs, the side effects of which include sweating, tremors, anxiety, insomnia, and symptoms of withdrawal. Anyone even considering the use of Roflcoptr should definitely think more than twice and keep well away.

Or, as the writer Alex Miller so effectively captures it in the magazine Vice(Jan 2012):
“The Roflcoptr website … has a long disclaimer assuring us that the drug is being sold purely for scientific purposes and that no one should ever ingest it, or use it as a way to smash themselves on the windshield of the weekend. Obviously, they’re covering their legal back with a raised eyebrow and a barrage of knowing winks, but let’s face it, they’re right. You probably shouldn’t ingest it.”
“When was the last time you took a mysterious chemical that made your life better? Over the past few years, all the new drugs that have cropped up have been horrible. None of them work until you’re actually addicted to them, the comedowns last for about 16 weeks, and every time you go to sleep, you get night terrors and think that you’re going to die.”


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