Success Rehab Stories

“This program has worked absolute wonders for me.”

Before I came I was taking drugs and eating lots of painkillers. I was also selling about 300 Loratabs and Noracos a week. I collected unemployment, worked under the table and made about $600 a week for pills. I thought my life was great but I was bothered by the fact I had such a hard time working or going to school. I had absolutely no motivation to do those things because I felt I would just disappoint myself in the end. I came to DetoxRehab, with some hope for direction and piece of mind. I got more than that – I got myself back. I got that freeness back that I felt as a little girl. I am so happy, clear and so charged up I can hardly explain in words the way I feel. I had been on drugs and alcohol for 10 years and my major addiction was to painkillers for a straight 8 years.

I never realized how bad I was until I went through withdrawal. I wanted pills so bad but when I got out of the sauna (treatment) all my cravings were gone. Energy was back and my head got so clear I could sit and concentrate on a book for hours. I thought that was great and that’s all I needed but what I studied and learned after the sauna is what brought the “old me” back. What this Program has taught me cannot be replaced.

I am in complete control of myself and what I do. I feel like I am ready for whatever obstacle or objective comes my way. I owe it all to the staff, my mom and sister for asking me to come to this facility. But most of all I owe it to myself.”


“Not only did I clean myself up, but each day gets better.”

After growing up a fairly “normal” kid, my focus shifted from school, family, sports, and church to going to parties and getting drunk when I turned 16. My alcoholism and drug use led me down a road to drop out of two colleges, quit playing sports, and separated myself from all the good people in my life who cared about me.

Several years later, I reached out to my family for help. They found a place that was a non-traditional treatment program and truly helped me save my life. Things have changed since then. Not only did I clean myself up, but each day gets better. I decided that I wanted to give back and help others and started working in the drug prevention and treatment field. I can’t say thank you enough!

“Without having gone through this program, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.”

My name is Kevin and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was 11, I have been drinking and using drugs. When I was 12, I did cocaine for the first time, at age 13 I was snorting heroin, and at 15, sticking needles in my arm. In the two years prior to coming to this facility I had been through 6 rehab and treatment centers.


This program works! It’s like baking a cake. If you use the right ingredients and follow the directions properly, then the finished product is phenomenal. I am proof that it can be done!


“I am very fortunate to have found this program”

I found myself overwhelmed with undesirable emotions, and in a miserable state of existence. I began to crave cocaine, and turned towards its use as the solution of my problems. I began using cocaine on the weekends, and periodically during the week. It did not take long before I began using it on a daily basis, and I knew that I was in trouble. However, I could not stop no matter how much I wanted to. Cocaine completely took control of my life, and I was no longer in the driver’s seat. The conditions of all aspects of my life including my career were plummeting. I continued through the downward spiral of addiction, and distanced myself from all that was good in my life, including family, friends, and co-workers. My addiction then advanced to crack cocaine. After nearly being killed by drug dealers, I finally came to terms that I needed out and that I could not do it alone..

“My parents tried to help me and I pushed them away. I took off and massed out all of my credit cards, liquidated all of my financial accounts, and sold all of my assets. I needed cocaine, and nothing was going to get into my way. I spent near $150,000.00 over two years on cocaine until there was nothing left. I burned every bridge with friends, and I put my whole family through a living hell.

I consider myself to be a fully recovered addict now, and I am a happier, more stable, and competent person than I was before my addiction ever began. I never experience drug cravings, and I tackle all problems that I face in life head on. I understand myself better, and I no longer carry around the burden of my horrible past. I almost gave up my will to live during my addiction, especially after I lost hope that there could be a solution.

L.S. – Graduate

“For the first time in many years I am looking forward to life and accomplishing things”

When I got here I was in total apathy about life and everything else. This was the single most important decision in my life. Going through the program was trying at times, but it was truly amazing. I feel better than I remember feeling as a child. The program gave me back a lot of abilities and traits I had let slide or had lost completely. . . The program repaired my life and made me truly happy again. For the first time in many years I am looking forward to life and accomplishing things. I am now ready to actually start my life.


“I just wanted to be locked up for a month so I would be away from alcohol and Drugs.”

…long enough to think clearly. This facility gave me much more than that. The drug-free detoxification wasn’t always easy but definitely cleared my body. The courses may have seemed pointless at first, but as I progressed through the program I noticed how everything would add up at the end. Most importantly, I noticed a change in myself. I spent so long being someone else (a drunk, an addict) that I’d forgotten who I was. It’s quite amazing to meet myself again. I know that I’m a creative, intelligent and caring person again. Thanks to all.

FROM A PARENT: “Sabrina had some experience with the twelve-step drug rehabilitation program with little success.”

To Whom it may concern;

Approximately two years ago, my daughter Sabrina, was suffering from depression, an eating disorder and methamphetamine drug addiction. She had low self-esteem, saw herself as having no future, and was ready to give up and surrender to drug addiction as a way of life.

I was a father who has built a very successful business as the exclusive developer for a franchise in the state of Arizona, and had achieved financial security with 220 open restaurants in Arizona plus another 30 added each year.  Still as a parent, I felt a certain helplessness that I couldn’t keep my daughter off of drugs.

Sabrina had some experience with the traditional twelve-step drug rehabilitation program with little success. I was looking for something different. . . . A program that could teach Sabrina about the basics of life, how to re-invent her life, find her own path to happiness and also to beat drug addiction.

After much searching we found out about Narconon on the internet. The program sounded like what I was searching for: A life strategy program with the intent to help Sabrina beat drug addiction for life.

Today, with the help of the program and a lot of hard work, Sabrina is drug free. This program provided Sabrina with a foundation of strategies to help her achieve success in life. Sabrina is a changed person with goals, confidence in herself and a bright future. In short, I believe Narconon provided Sabrina with the skills that saved her life.


R. V. S.

“The program was effective and accurate.”

When I first arrived I was scared, but I knew I was going to get off drugs totally. The staff were wonderful and whenever I needed them they were there. The program was effective and accurate. It has answered so many questions I have wanted to answer about myself. It has taught me how to pick my friends and how to help myself with situations in life I need to handle. It has shown me what drugs do and how to accomplish goals in life without drugs.


“I made the decision to live without drugs!”

Before attending Rehab I had been using about $100.00 worth of Heroin a day. I had also been doing everything associated with getting $100.00 a day. I knew I had to make changes in my life or one of two things was going to happen: Death or Jail. On the 23rd of April 1998 I made the decision to live my life without drugs. I went to Narconon the very same day. The program changed my life forever. The mental and physical craving that are associated with recovery from Heroin addiction are GONE. I am no longer trapped in the dwindling spiral of addiction. I saw that the drug rehabilitation technology worked and that society needs something done about this problem, so I decided to stay and train.

The training has also changed me forever. I am now able to deliver all parts of this program to people. This not only helps them, but me too. My ability to handle life is at a point I never even dreamed possible.

What do you say to someone who saved your life? You say “THANK YOU” and then you go on living your life to the fullest, which is what I am doing right now.


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