Dangers of Combining Cocaine Use and Alcohol

cocaine effectsIndependently, alcohol and cocaine are both dangerous substances. But there’s more to it. Over the last three decades, researchers have discovered that the combined substance use and abuse of alcohol and cocaine creates a third extremely dangerous drug in the body. Learn more about cocaine effects and the particular dangers of using this drug along with alcohol.


Cocaine and Booze: A Dangerous Mixture

A lot of users like to combine cocaine use with alcoholic drinks, likely because the mixture may be perceived to create a lifting effect when a user starts to feel tired and down from alcohol consumption. The use of the two substances combined, however, can be lethal.

Why? As they go through the bloodstream and into the liver, alcohol and cocaine together lead to the creation of cocaethylene. This particular chemical is not only toxic to the liver; it also puts heavy strain on the user’s heart, leading to the possibility of palpitations or even heart attack. Awareness of the dangers is crucial, as the combination of alcohol and cocaine can create an even more powerful, potentially deadly chemical than the separate ones already being ingested.

Be Aware and Don’t Go There

With a growing number of individuals using both alcohol and cocaine simultaneously, health officials are trying to raise awareness about the hazards. Many of those who are addicted to this combination feel that mixing the two substances is okay, especially if it’s just a “weekend hobby.” But even if not frequent, the ongoing use of a combination of alcohol and cocaine results in a considerable amount of cocaethylene toxin build-up, and this in turn is a contributor to massive liver failure.

cocaine effectsThe effects of both alcohol and cocaine on an individual are typically counteractive. One boosts up while the other one slows a person down. In a typical scenario where these two substances are ingested in combination, cocaine can serve as the booster needed to become sober. For some users, this only means that they need more alcohol in their system, and increasing the number of alcoholic drinks may only end in a vicious and hazardous cycle. Be warned: alcohol and cocaine effects don’t partner well in any situation.


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