Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug Addiciton SignsIn many cases, family members and friends may already see signs of their loved one’s drug dependency early on, but choose to ignore it. This can be a big mistake. Never ignore the warning signs of drug addiction.

It is very important to catch an addict before he or she falls deeper into the vicious cycle of addiction, and to get them the necessary help. The signs of drug addiction are often more obvious than you think and must not be taken lightly.

Drug addicts are usually in denial of their situation; they tend to downplay their problems and justify their symptoms. But no matter how much they try to hide their addiction, warning signs of drug abuse will show in their behavior, physical appearance, and psychological state. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:

Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

Physical signs:

  • Eyes appear bloodshot.
  • Sudden weight loss and changes in sleep patterns.
  • Deterioration in hygiene and physical grooming.
  • Slurred speech and impaired coordination.

Behavioral signs:

    Drug Addiction Signs

  • Drop in school or work performance.
  • Neglecting schedules and appointments.
  • Desperate need for money that may resort to stealing.
  • Displaying secretive behavior.
  • Neglecting normal hobbies and interests, and a sudden change in friends.
  • Violent behavior that leads to fights and illegal dealings or activities.

Psychological signs:

  • Outbursts of anger and/or mood swings.
  • Changes in personality.
  • Showing signs of unreasonable anxiety, fear, and paranoia.
  • Signs of hyperactivity and agitation.
  • Usually seem “spaced out”.

These are very telling signs of drug addiction and abuse that must be detected early on, before the person affected causes more destruction to his or her health, career and family life. These signs may not all be present in the person, but if you detect even a couple of these sudden changes in your family member or friend, you should talk frankly with him or her and offer to assist in getting the available help that is needed.

Don’t be Afraid to Confront the Signs of Drug Addiction

Warning Signs of Drug AddictionOften, the first reaction to a family member showing signs of drug addiction is to turn a blind eye and pretend as if nothing is wrong. The road to dealing with an addict can be long and hard and, sadly, some families just choose to ignore the problem and avoid that difficult path to recovery. Some families become too ashamed to face the reality of their loved one’s condition. So instead of facing the problem and seeking help from the outside, they try to deal with it secretly, only to end up losing the battle and destroying their family’s bond.

Ultimately, family members should never ignore the warning signs of drug addiction. No one wants their family to ruin their quality of life or be completely broken because of drug addiction.

Never ignore the warning signs of drug addiction. The best thing to do is to face the problem and accept the truth that your loved one is addicted to drugs and needs serious help. This is the first hugely important step to help rehabilitate the person.

Talk to someone: a friend, another family member, a pastor or professional counselor, and discuss how you can help. The road to recovery may not be easy, but it is not impossible.

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