Drinking and Driving: Can You Tell Myth from Reality?

Drinking is one thing, and driving is another. Putting the two together can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. There is also any number of fallacies when it comes to drinking and driving and about alcohol side effects in general. Have a look at the following examples to see whether you think they are based in myth or reality.

5 Beliefs about Alcohol Side Effects

alcohol side effectsHolding the Booze – Over 80% of drivers in alcohol-related crashes are men. The occasional 6-pack drinking sprees can cause a lot of damage, not just to oneself, but also to other people and their property. Driving while under the influence of alcohol will not help you impress the ladies, in the same way that it will not help you focus your attention on driving. No matter how confident you feel, alcohol impairs your concentration and ability to react to the unexpected when you’re on the road.

Being Sober Enough to Drive – Sure, you may still be able to walk straight after a few bottles of beer, but alcohol side effects kick in with your very first drink. Alcohol affects not only coordination and vision, but also alertness, reaction time, attention span and judgment. These are all crucial skills that you need when you drive, so don’t ever think that you’re sober and your abilities on the road aren’t compromised just because you’ve only had a beer or two.

Eating Something to Feel Better – It might be a good idea to eat something while drinking, but it’s certainly not a full defense against alcohol side effects, such as impaired driving, especially when it comes to people with alcohol abuse problems. Showers, cups of coffee and fresh air can only do so much toward sobering you up, because the body needs at least 6 hours to totally recuperate from the effects of booze.

Odds of Getting Caught – Don’t kid yourself. Road checks are ever on the increase, with the clear aim of decreasing the number of drunk-driving accidents on the road. Drivers found to be under the influence of drugs or suffering from alcohol side effects risk penalties ranging from 24-hour prohibition to criminal charges that may lead to hefty fines and even jail time. If the police don’t spot you first, other drivers or pedestrians will readily report any erratic and otherwise risky driving behavior. Tolerance for drinking and driving is at an all-time low.

Booze Behind the Wheel is Bad, but Drugs are Alright – Hear the WRONG buzzer? There are a number of studies that show that drivers who are high are actually just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Joints, drugs or other illegal substances impair your senses by slowing reflexes, disrupting perceptions and even inducing hallucinations. Mixing alcohol and drugs, plus being tired from partying the whole night, is even more dangerous. Be warned: there are legislations today that allow the police to test for both alcohol side effects and drug abuse through urine or blood samples.

We can learn a lot from falsehoods, and act accordingly to combat them. Isn’t it worth it to save lives, including your own?


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