Drug Addiction Can Destroy You and Your Family

“I am not hurting anyone. I am only hurting myself.” This classic line is perhaps the biggest lie that drug addicts might make themselves believe. They deceive themselves with the thought that what they are dingo is okay, because nobody cares for them and they’re not hurting anybody else.

Sadly, the effects of drug abuse can weigh as heavily on an addicted person’s family members as it can on the addict personally. Even worse, by the time he or she truly realizes and openly acknowledges the need for help, a great deal of damage and a lot of heartache may already have been endured by a distraught family.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Substance dependence, more commonly known as drug addiction, is characterized by an individual’s compulsive need to consume controlled substances to function as a normal person. The need to take drugs eventually becomes so overpowering that the person will do anything just to get hold of them. Over time, the addicted person falls deeper into his or her addiction and not only destroys himself, but his family and immediate community.

Continued drug addiction will alter the way the human brain functions, and the affected person becomes increasingly more destructive to himself and everybody else around him. When a person takes addictive drugs, the brain’s dopamine sets off feelings of pleasure. The brain stores these feelings, in a sense, and continues to seek them, thus causing addiction. The dependent person will ultimately need the drugs to keep calm, to be energized, or simply to feel confident.

What Can Drug Addiction Do?

In the grip of drug addiction, a person loses all interest in anything apart from the drug use itself. They miss out on school, their work performance deteriorates, and they disregard the constructive hobbies that they used to enjoy, such as sports. Total behavior can change drastically, and may even lead to episodes of violence and hostility, especially when confronted with talks about addiction.

Once addicted, the body becomes dependent on a substance for survival. The role of the drugs grows to fulfill an apparently valuable need in the person’s life that feels irreplaceable. The cravings for drugs then takes top priority in a person’s life, pushing all else aside. This is why most substance abusers neglect family obligations and so often compromise their relationships with loved ones.

Families Feel Effects of Drug Addiction

In all of this, the victim’s family is often the most hurt. Seeing their loved one waste away due to drug addiction, neglecting all of his or her important dreams and the pursuits that used to be important is all too devastating. As a person struggles with substance abuse problems, it is the parents, spouse, siblings and children that often must bear the brunt of the situation.

There is no denying that drug addiction is a major problem that affects the totality of a person. Recovery from the problem is possible with the help of skilled and caring people, and the strong support and love of family. Treatment and rehabilitation centers are the best places to seek expert professional help for drug addiction.

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