Is a Holistic Approach Effective for Addiction Recovery?

addiction recoveryMany addiction recovery programs focus on medicines and counseling. Holistic therapy, on the other hand, doesn’t focus on any one specific area in a limited way. Instead, it treats the individual as a whole, mind, body, and spirit, so that physical ailments can be cured through a natural process. In terms of drug addiction, holistic treatment helps the addicted individual to take hold of his or her life without relying on any chemical substances, even prescription medications often used for addiction recovery.

What does Holistic Treatment Address?

Addiction recovery programs for cocaine use and other drug dependencies may not always address important problems related to an individual’s emotional or spiritual well-being. Instead of relying solely on medications, holistic treatment might make use of and incorporate vitamins, acupuncture, exercise and healthy eating, for example, to help rid addicts of toxins in the body.

When the body has been thoroughly cleansed of harmful toxins, the treatment of their chaotic, often conflicting emotions is not abandoned. Therapies that can be helpful on an ongoing basis include:

  • prayer or meditation
  • yoga and other relaxing exercises
  • strengthening of self-esteem

All of these components are important, according to practitioners of holistic rehab, because they can help to prevent an individual from relapsing and falling as readily into their old destructive habits. A holistic treatment encourages and empowers addiction recovery participants to make positive, long-term choices for themselves.

Counseling sessions can also help addicted individuals find ways to stay clean and sober, keep away from people who are bad influences on them, and find fulfilling activities that they can do to keep their mind off drugs.

Enjoyable activities, such as nature-based camping trips, adventure therapies and other methods not usually called upon in drug-based therapy, can provide much healthier, all-encompassing diversions from addictive habits. Things as simple as relaxing on a beautiful hilltop after a rewarding climb, meditating on the beach or reading a captivating book can be good antidotes for drug addiction, especially if such activities and pursuits help to divert one’s mind and body from craving the ultimately devastating effects of illegal substances.

Holistic Approach for Addiction Recovery Gets a Thumbs Up

Holistic treatment on its own may not be suitable for everyone, but it can be a highly beneficial complementary treatment for standard therapy. Believers of holistic therapy understand that the mind and body can’t be properly healed with medicines alone. Instead, the body can be helped to heal from within, with an addicted individual being encouraged to pay attention to the wellness of every aspect of his or her life. Don’t rely on drugs to remove the toxins from your body; find effective ways to stay clean on your own accord.


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