Little Known Facts about Crystal Meth Substance Use and Abuse

Crystal Meth Substance Use and Abuse Drug AddictCrystal meth (often referred to simply as “meth”) is a form of a chemical substance called methamphetamine. It’s a highly addictive product that can be introduced into the body in a number of ways. As one of the most potent and destructive stimulants on the market, the substance use and abuse of crystal meth is growing alarmingly.

Snorting or smoking crystal meth can instantly cause a so-called “rush” that lasts for approximately 2 to 16 hours. People susceptible to substance use and abuse are particularly vulnerable to this chemical. This is due to the bodily reaction and release of dopamine throughout the system, which makes the user temporarily feel pleasure. Many drugs cause this kind of reaction, but meth is the mother of all dopamine triggers.

Substance Use and Abuse: What You Might Not Know about Meth

Meth is normally prescribed to provide medical relief from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. Since it also has the effect of hunger suppression, meth was clinically prescribed by some physicians to treat obesity.

Many years ago, when meth was still legal, it was sometimes provided to pilots and soldiers. It wasn’t until these individuals manifested the ill effects of the drug that the US government became aware of its highly destructive aspects and had to literally put a stop to its distribution.

Crystal Meth Substance Use and AbuseMeth actually changes the way the brain functions. In a sense, the brain’s chemical wirings “go berserk,” making it impossible for the user to experience any pleasure at all. In addition, the repair or healing of affected brain tissues over time may prove to be futile, thus causing irreversible damage to the user’s mind.

The substance use and abuse of meth can cause bodily temperature to rise erratically. This can create a greater probability of cardiac and respiratory arrest, psychotic behaviors, and other physical alterations.

Substance Use and Abuse: Negative Effects of Crystal Meth

The substance use and abuse of crystal meth can result in serious harmful effects, both physically and psychologically. Health risks associated with meth use include the following:

  1. Physical effects can include a “meth mouth,” which is manifested by yellow discoloration of the teeth, the teeth rotting to the gum line, and damage to the oral mucosa. Meth users also have weakened immune systems, making them much more prone to other health risks and diseases.
  2. Psychological manifestations involve disturbances in sleeping pattern or insomnia, hyperactivity, short-term memory loss, paranoia, hallucinations, confusion and anxiety. When it comes to drug substance use and abuse, crystal meth can readily lead to overdose, which can, in the worst case scenarios, eventually lead to death.

Either way, crystal meth addiction is a medical condition that needs specific professional attention. For suspected meth users, it is best to immediately take action and seek expert advice and guidance before the substance use and abuse of crystal meth escalates and spirals out of control.

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