Prescription Drugs Abuse

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There are generally three main categories of prescription drugs that are heavily abused. These prescription drug categories are narcotic painkillers, stimulants and sedatives.

Painkiller addiction is the most common type of prescription drug abuse. Brand names like Oxycontin, Vicodin, Lortab and Percocet fall in the general categories of oxycodone and hydrocodone. These narcotic painkillers are in the opiate family and have effects on the body similar to heroin or morphine, therefore withdrawal from these drugs is very difficult to go through. A note here is that more Rehabs have been trying to treat opiate addiction with more drugs, such as Methadone, LAAM and more recently Buprenorphine. While the latter appears to curb withdrawal symptoms if used in a very short period of time, none of them are viable long-term solutions, as the user only develops a dependency on a new drug.

Prescription stimulants have been and growing problem in North America. These drugs are often prescribed to active children and adults in an attempt to ‘keep them in line or focused’. These drugs are amphetamines – speed – and are highly addictive. If you took it you would get high. It’s not called ‘kiddie cocaine’ for nothing. The effects of these drugs are less severe that crystal methamphetamine or cocaine, but are still in the same category; as they are all stimulants and are all physically addictive. We get many calls per week from people who wind up on street drugs because they started out on these drugs.

The last major category of prescription drug abuse includeds sedatives and tranquilizers. Commonly abused drugs like this include Xanax and Valium, which are often prescribed as anti-anxiety drugs and are also highly addictive. Additional examples include sleeping medications like Ambien, Lunest and Resteril. The non-medical use rate of these drugs has greatly increased in recent years.