Sticking to a Resolution – 3 Steps Toward Addiction Recovery

new years resolutionIs your New Year’s resolution already slipping? If it was to kick your addiction once and for all, look for support to help you stick to it.

It’s been only a few weeks since the year started and just a month since Christmas, yet many people’s resolutions are becoming memories.

Make a difference in your life. Stop struggling with your addiction and take concrete steps toward recovery.

Clear and Attainable Goals for the Process, Not Just the Outcome

A New Year’s resolution is a one-off goal. Addiction recovery is a process that continues  for years.

Commit to the process. Focus on that process, do the little things along the way that you need to do, and the result will start to take care of itself.

Set goals small and in sequence. Keep them simple so they are attainable. For instance, take one day at a time instead of looking way ahead. All that matters is here and now, right now. Not what is in the past and not what lies weeks ahead. Just one day without drugs is a good thing. Check off that day, be proud of it, and reset that goal for the next day.

Be sure to track your progress. Write down the goals, step by step, and check them off. Congratulate yourself for each goal checked off. Use it as motivation and inspiration toward the next one. There’s nothing more motivating than having a list that has many check marks on it.

Enlist a Support Team

It’s easy to feel alone when suffering through addiction. Just the addiction itself and the effect of the drug can cause your mind to see people as interfering instead of helping.

But it’s also quite easy to enlist a support team to help you stay on track with your resolution of addiction recovery. The only “hard” part can be telling people that you need help.

Just know this… when asked to help, nobody in their right mind will say no.

Tell your supporters what you need. Tell them how they can help and encourage. Also tell them what might not help you, like using any kind of drug around you, or minimizing the problem, or telling you to relax, or disappearing when you need them most, etc.

Engage the help of experts in building your team. Their experience and advice can be crucial in assembling the best team and briefing them how to help.

Setbacks Are Minor Delays, Not Failures

Setbacks can happen in any plan, not just in addiction recovery. Did you really make that New Year’s resolution expecting everything to happen without any hiccups?

Instead of punishing yourself for a setback or feeling like a failure, see it as a challenge or test. Punishment and guilt can keep someone in the cycle of doing the same old things.

Stick with the “here and now” attitude. What matters is how you do things in this moment right now. A setback is not a failure. A failure would be giving up entirely. Be honest with yourself about why the setback happened and focus once again on one day at a time.

Don’t let your 2015 New Year’s resolution to recover from your addiction become a distant memory. You may feel alone or that the mountain is too tall to climb. You are never alone if you ask for help.


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