substance abuseA fallacy is essentially a falsehood or mistaken idea about something and when it comes to beliefs and ideas about drug addiction, there are plenty to choose from. The plain truth is, drugs ruin lives. Substance abuse commonly leads to broken families, failed careers, and even death. Essentially, whatever a drug addict says to make himself or herself feel better about taking drugs is a lie.

Here are just four of the most commonly held fallacies you may hear repeated by those trying to come to terms with and justify their substance abuse.


Falsehood #1 – Drugs Help You with Creativity

One of the fallacies that users often cite is that drugs help to boost their creativity. In order to really be creative, however, an individual generally needs to be truly interested in and engaged by life apart from any altered reality or Continue Reading

When is a Good Time to Get Help for a Drug or Alcohol Addicted Person?

This is an often-asked question by people calling our line. They have heard different advice such as “when he hits rock bottom”, or “he/she has to say he/she wants to go”, “you will know when”, “after the holiday” etc., etc.

There is no better time than NOW – yes Right Now.

Why? Because you know the person is throwing their life away as a drug addict, and if you wait it may be too late.

What is rock bottom? We know of addicts who have overdosed, been medically saved, and as soon as they are released from the hospital they go use again. If that isn’t rock bottom how much lower can it be before they are dead and there is NO help?

If you are reading this and wondering about what to do for someone; don’t hesitate. Call the toll free number and talk to one of our counselors and find out what you should do and get it done.

Drug addiction does not wait for anyone; it just gets worse with each passing day.

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