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A study published by the American Journal of Public Health revealed that 28% of children have been exposed to the problems associated with alcoholism even before the age of 18, because of the behavior and drinking habits of immediate family and close friends within that social circle. This statistic may not come as a complete shock, however, when we consider that the occurrence of alcohol substance use and abuse in the country’s adult population has long been high. If not surprising, it is certainly still alarming to note that almost one-third of children are exposed to familial alcoholism.

The Prevalence of Alcoholism

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) in the United States reported that 14 million individuals aged 18 and above were dependent on alcohol. The institute also reported that 18.2% of adults in the country were found to have experienced some sort of alcohol substance use and abuse at Continue Reading

Alcohol Abuse - Effects of AlcoholEven in small amounts, alcohol has an effect on everyone, and alcohol abuse leads to a number of unfortunate emotional and physical problems. Alcoholism is the abuse of alcohol wherein a person displays a need to drink, cannot control drinking habits, goes through withdrawal without alcohol, and requires greater amounts to get drunk. The effects of alcohol may result in emotional issues such as a dependence on alcohol, and physical issues, as well, such as damage to body organs.

Effects of Alcohol on Teens

Teen drinking is known to cause many troubling issues for the individual who is under the influence. Teenagers that start drinking before they turn 15 are setting themselves up for a possible alcohol addiction when they are older. When teens become dependent on alcohol, they may develop a strong craving to drink without any control. The effects of alcohol on teens that drink include learning impairments, diminished judgment, and vulnerability to drinking related diseases.

Women and the Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol can be particularly dangerous for women. In general, females Continue Reading

AlcoholismAlcohol has long been a part of socialization, and consuming moderate amounts of alcohol doesn’t necessarily cause physical or psychological impairment. Unfortunately, some people tend to drink more heavily than others. In many cases, this practice causes devastating health issues, which worsen significantly over time and can eventually turn the drinker into an alcoholic.

What defines an alcoholic? This describes a person who is strongly dependent on alcohol, one who constantly fails in controlling how much they consume. There are severe side effects related to alcohol obsession, including serious health concerns, financial stresses, and work and relationship problems. Alcoholism can be a destructive force in Continue Reading