heroin addiction

heroin addiction“Michael” was a typical North American student. He worked hard to achieve good grades and away from school he enjoyed spending time with his fellow students and friends. Like most students, he struggled with money and decided to find a roommate to help him pay for the monthly rent of his apartment, a short walk from campus. His story of heroin addiction began the day his new roommate moved in.

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Heroin Addiction Although heroin isn’t as popular among teenagers in comparison with other drugs, it is still a significant problem. Heroin substance use and abuse gravely affects all users, regardless of age, and it is important that parents and other family members of teenagers and young adults are aware of this.

Statistics for substance abuse compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that in 2010, the average age for first time users was 21.3. This is significantly lower than 2009, when the average age was 25.5 years. The data shows that in 2011, 1.6% or 42 million Americans age 12 and above had tried heroin at least once during their lifetime.

How is Heroin Used and How Can Addiction be Treated?

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