substance abuse statistics

substance abuse statisticsSubstance abuse is a disease. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) defines drug addiction as a chronic and relapsing brain disorder, wherein the patient continually seeks and consumes dangerous drugs despite the dire effects it has on the body. Substance abuse statistics from NIDA reveal the shocking fact that at least 100,000 Americans die from substance abuse annually.

The good news is that substance addiction can be successfully treated. Tailor-made behavior rehabilitation, coupled with proper medication, usually results in successful treatment. In 2006 alone, NIDA recorded a total of 1.8 million admissions to substance abuse treatment facilities.

However, substance abuse statistics from the same agency also show that more than half of drug rehabilitation patients suffer from relapse. NIDA points out that many patients who have undergone rehabilitation may experience relapse, due to the recurring and chronic nature of the disease.

Substance Abuse Statistics and Relapse Rates

According to a study conducted by NIDA in 2000, substance abuse statistics are similar to statistics for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension, especially with regard to relapse rates. As such, NIDA concluded that substance abuse should be treated like Continue Reading

substance abuse statisticsSadly, studies show that the illegal use of drugs has continued to rise in the United States. Just last year, substance abuse statistics from a study conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicated that approximately 22.2 million Americans 12 years and older had taken an illegal drug or abused prescribed medication, such as a pain reliever, tranquilizer or stimulant, in the previous month. That’s a whopping 8.7% of the population and a significant jump compared to the 8.3% in 2002.

How does drug abuse start and what do substance abuse statistics in America reveal about the age groups affected most?

Substance Abuse Statistics: What Age Group has the Highest Drug Use?

  • From a study conducted in 2011 by NIDA, 23.8% of 18-20 year old were found to be using various kinds of prohibited substances.
  • This is followed by the 21-25 age group, with Continue Reading