What are the Signs of Drug Addiction Relapse?

When it comes to rehabilitation for drug addiction, it is vital to know that relapse is quite common in the recovery process. Drug Addiction RelapseThe majority of individuals trying to get better usually have, at the very least, one drug addiction relapse prior to getting to the point where they are completely clean.

An extremely important thing to understand is that relapse starts well before the recovering person actually begins using drugs again. There are various stages that he or she goes through prior to reaching the stage of drug addiction relapse. Be aware from the start of changes in behavior, attitude and feelings. The final stage is when the patient undergoing drug rehab reaches their final breaking point and starts using drugs once more.

Signs that a Former Drug Abuser is having a Relapse

1. Change in Attitude or Behavior – When a patient starts feeling like they no longer want to take part in their recovery process because it “isn’t as important as it used to be,” for example, then something is up. Their attitude is changing and shifting to an unhealthy way of thinking. They may start to feel that something is not “right” but cannot pinpoint what it is. When a former drug addict begins veering away from the usual daily routine they were sticking to at the beginning of their recovery, this is an indication that their behavior is changing as well. This state can lead to poor judgment and bring about impulsive behavior, and eventually substance abuse.

2. Stress and Social Collapse – Experiencing more stress than usual can be caused by a big change in life or possibly even just a lot of smaller demands that are adding up. After being in rehab, going back to so-called “real life” can indeed be very stressful. The dangerous part is when a person in this condition starts to overreact to certain situations that may then lead to mood swings and exaggerated feelings. Social collapse starts when the person does not feel comfortable around other people. This is evident when they make excuses not to be with friends or Drug Addiction Relapseloved ones. They may also stop seeing their clean and sober friends and family members. In general, they may also stop attending support group meetings and choose to isolate themselves.

3. Loss of Structure, Judgment and Control – Structure is lost when people stop maintaining the daily routines of everyday life by sleeping late, skipping meals, and disregarding personal hygiene. Loss of judgment is evident when a former drug addict starts having difficulty making healthy decisions in relation to their own well-being. Emotions can also be hard to manage, and the individual may become easily irritated, angry or annoyed. Loss of control is displayed by choices that are completely irrational. Contact with people who are trying to help may be cut off.

Following the appearance of the above symptoms, a former drug abuser may finally fall into relapse. The good news is that drug addiction relapse is something that can be prevented. Awareness of the warning signs that lead to a relapse means that healthier decisions can be made sooner. If drug addiction relapse occurs, there is still hope to pick up the pieces and get right back on the path to successful and full recovery.

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