What to Avoid during Drug Addiction Recovery

When someone is addicted to drugs, every part of their life is adversely influenced. Essentially, their drug addiction dictates what they do, the people they hang out with, and the places they go. As such, it determines who they associate themselves with, the social gatherings they attend, and their everyday activities. It is therefore extremely important to pinpoint the routines, people, and places that help to support and drive drug addiction, and to successfully break or take control of those connections.

ID People, Places and Activities that Affect Drug Addiction Recovery

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Without question, the path to drug addiction recovery makes for a long and challenging journey, but one that is ultimately rewarding, or even life-saving, once it is achieved. An important part of the recovery process involves pinpointing the people, places, and events or situations that can lead to or prompt an addicted individual’s drug use. It is crucial to identify these triggers so that they can be avoided, a strategy that greatly increases the chance of accomplishing complete addiction recovery.

Drug Addiction Recovery and Ruinous Relationship

Drug addiction usually leads a person to build harmful and destructive relationships, often resulting in co-dependent connections that reinforce and support the dangerous drug habits of those involved. Many addicts engage in enabling relationships with people that they rely on for financial and/or psychological support when it comes to drug use. When trying to achieve a successful addiction recovery, it is important to clearly identify what relationships to avoid. No matter how difficult this may seem at first, it is a vital necessity.

Sidestep Sites that Promote Drug Use

drug addictionObviously, there are certain places an addict will go in order to be supplied with and use drugs. During the drug addiction recovery process, avoiding any of the places connected with drug use of any kind is crucial. No matter how determined the recovering addict is to succeed, just being in these areas may in fact cause an undermining and destructive relapse. When fighting drug addiction, the best rule of thumb is to simply keep away from exposure to such locations and instead frequent places where safety and the security of strong support are paramount.

Rethink Routines for Drug Addiction Recovery

Destructive routines are definitely part of the overall pattern of drug addiction, even when their influence on behavior is not obvious. Routines are repetitive habits that become automatic, like walking the same route to work each day or reaching for a cigarette after a meal. The mind has become so programmed to perform or behave in a particular way that habits usually happen before we know it.

In the case of drug addiction recovery, certain routines may trigger a powerful craving for or reminder of drug use. This is why it is extra important to break such associative routines completely and create new, more positive ones in their place. Continuing to see the same people, go to the same places, and do the same things will remind the affected individual of his or her drug use, a step backward that is well worth avoiding.

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